2024 Central Asia Research Forum

February 28–29, 2024 (on zoom)

Through formal and informal discussions, the Central Asia Research Forum
aims to bring together scholars in all disciplines and stages of the research
process to discuss the many interpretations of the forum theme Civil Society 
in Central Asia. Since 1991, civil society in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan,
Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan has undergone significant transformations and
revitalization that warrants continued scholarly attention.

We invite all those interested to submit proposals for paper presentations,
panels, and roundtables on this year’s theme. We also invite proposals that
shed light on the current condition of contemporary civil society since the
start of the Russia–Ukraine War and how those societies view and interact
with each other on their own terms.

We strongly encourage graduate students, postdoctoral researchers, librarians,
and archivists to submit proposals and share their scholarly perspectives on
civil society in Central Asia: past, present, and future.

Sub-themes for this iteration of the Forum include:

Non-governmental organizations
Social movement organizations
Mass media
Memory institutions

Community organizations