About the UIUC Library/SRS

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Library is one of the largest public academic libraries in the United States. Holdings currently total “more than thirteen million volumes and 24 million items and materials in all formats, languages, and subjects, including 9 million microforms, 120,000 serials, 148,000 audio-recordings, over 930,000 audiovisual materials, over 280,000 electronic books, 12,000 films, and 650,000 maps. For more information on the library system, please visit the University Library’s main website.

The Slavic Reference Service at UIUC’s International and Area Studies (IAS) Library handles bibliographic and reference questions in all subject areas connected to Russian, East European, and Eurasian Studies. The Service’s specific purview involves the following consultation-based activities:

  • Answering bibliographic and reference queries. 
  • Identifying materials in our collection and libraries. 
  • Verifying and correcting citations.  
  • Suggesting reference materials you might find relevant for your research. 
  • Helping you locate difficult–to–find sources.
  • Making copies of chapters or short articles held at UIUC through our Duplication Service.  
  • Offering access through our website to extensive research resources organized by country

If you are looking for an answer to a general query, please fill out the Slavic Reference Service Query form; if you are looking to secure digital copies of resources held at the University of Illinois Library remotely, please contact the SRS’ Duplication Team through our Duplication Request Form. Finally, to schedule a consultation with a member of the SRS staff, please use our Make an Appointment application and indicate your location and affiliation. To learn more about our consultation sessions, please see the FAQ located below.